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A8n32 SLi Deluxe OC'ing

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Im starting to OC my new setup and could use some recommended numbers to get the most out of my system. Ive up'd the FSB to 215 so far with no problems in prime95 running two instances.


Heres my specs:


ASUS A8N32 SLi Deluxe

2 x 1GB Corsair VS400C3 (3-3-3-8)

AMD 64 X2 4400+ Toledo

Zalman Cu 120mm CPU fan

Lian Li V1000 Plus

EVGA Geforce 7600 GT

Corsair PSU 520W

37 GB Raptor

160 GB Caviar


CPU Temp: 32 (idle)

MB Temp: 31 (idle)


CPU Temp: 45 (full load, 2 instances of prime95)

need anything else just let me know!

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Try these settings.


Advanced Menu


AMD Cool 'N Quiet Configuration


Amd K8 Cool'nQuiet : Disabled


Jumperfree Configuration:

  • AI Overclocking: Manual

  • CPU FSB Frequency: 250

  • SB to NB Overclock: Manual

  • SB to NB Frequency: 200

  • Adjust PCI-e Frequency: 100

  • PEG Link Mode: Auto


  • Over-Voltage CPU Vcore: Enabled (This enacts the 8-Phase power and adds +.2V to your Processor VCore)

  • Over-Voltage NB Vcore: Disabled

  • Over-Voltage SB Vcore: Disabled

  • Over-Voltage Hypertransport: Disabled

  • DDR VCore: 2.7

  • FID/VID Change: Manual

  • Processor Frequency Multiplier: 10

  • Processor Voltage: 1.25 (This is your processor Vcore. Keep in mind that the Over-Voltage adds +0.2v to your processor Vcore)


DDR Clock Skew: Auto


Memory Configuration:


  • Memclock Mode: Limit

  • Memclock Value 333Mhz (166Mhz X2)

  • CAS Latency (CL): 3

  • Min Active RAS (Tras): 8

  • Row Precharge Time (Trp): 4

  • RAS/CAS Delay (Trcd): 4

  • Row Cycle (Trc): 12

  • Row Refresh Cycle (Trfc): 12

  • TRWT: 2 CLCK


MCT Extra Timing Mode: Manual


  • TREF (to DDR Input Strobe Skew): 7.8us

  • TWCL (to DDR Input Strobe Skew): 1

  • R/W Que Bypass Count: 8

  • Bypass Max: 4

  • Idle Cycle Limit: 16

  • Dynamic Idle Cycle Center: Enabled

  • DDR Driving Strength: Normal

  • Enabled 32Byte Granularity: Disabled

  • Twr: 3

  • DDR Input Strobe Skew: Disabled


  • User Config Mode: Manual

  • Read Preamble: 9.5ns

  • Async Latency: 11ns

  • Bank Interleaving: 8 - way

  • Burst Length: 4 Beats

  • Hardware Memory Hole: Disabled

  • DRAM ECC Enable: Disabled

  • L2 Cache BG Scrub: Disabled

  • Data Cache BG Scrub: Disabled




  • K8 to NB Frequency: 4 (800MHz)

  • K8 to NB LinkWidth: 16 | 16|

  • SB to NB Frequency: 5 (1000MHz)

  • SB to NB LinkWidth: 16 | 16|


  • Primary Graphics Adapter: PciE1-->PCI-->PciE2 (if using first 16X PCI-e Slot)

  • Primary Graphics Adapter: PciE2-->PCI-->PciE1 (if using second 16X PCI-e Slot)


This will give you 250 X 10 = 2.5GHz. Test with Memtest and Orthos Prime. If stable then test with an 11 X Processor Frequency Multiplier. I would personally not raise your Vcore past 1.55v. Watch your CPU Core temperature and I would personally keep it no higher than 55C on full Orthos load.


You can move it up higher if you find yourself stable here, but keep in mind that this is where you want to test for stability before raising it higher. To raise your CPU speed higher, you would do best to drop the FSB lower and raise your multiplier. In this way you do not lose the kind of DRAM throughput that you would if you raised the FSB since you would very likely have to drop your DRAM to 266Mhz.


So after testing for stability and finding your machine stable and not running high thermals, you can lower your FSB to 240MHz and raise your Multiplier to 11X which will give you ~2.64Ghz.


Again, test for stability and now if stable, you have some wiggle room from 240 to 250. Raise a few MHz at a time and retest. If you find stability at 250Mhz then you will have 250 X 11 = ~2.75GHz. This will give you an HT bandwidth at 4 X 250 = 1000Mhz, DRAM at 400Mhz and you should be good for the go.

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ok at 250 x 11 = 2.75 GHz heres my numbers:


2 instances of prime95 running. 1 with blend tests and 1 with max power consumption running




im getting the same temps as when i was running 240, 245, and now 250. You would think that i would see a little difference dont you think?


Do you see any voltages or anything else that needs tweaked or should i just let it be and be happy with my 2.75 Ghz ?

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ok at 250 x 11 = 2.75 GHz


im getting the same temps as when i was running 240, 245, and now 250. You would think that i would see a little difference dont you think?


Do you see any voltages or anything else that needs tweaked or should i just let it be and be happy with my 2.75 Ghz ?


No, your CPU is running well and you have good cooling. If you are stable at 250 X 11 then hey, don't worry, be happy. That's a fine overclock. That's a good place to be and you are below load temps by a few degrees.


That's where I would stay. You could incrementally move your FSB to make 200Mhz on the DRAM. You should have no problem with that.

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i have noticed one thing since overclocking. Everything is stable but if i choose "restart" from windows the machine shuts down and then POST's. Right after POST it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor. Cant do anything from this screen so i power down and then power up. It then starts up and boots windows fine. This only happens when I restart from windows.
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Yes, I had this issue as well when I had the A8N32-Sli. It very likely has to do with the high overclock.


My "fix" (such as it were) was to choose "Shut Down" and then press the on/off button to restart.


I certainly wasn't going to drop the overclock :p:

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one last thing, do you think that i could try to get a command rate of 1T out of my memory? If so do I need to relax the timmings? Recommendations?


It's a dice throw. If I were you, I would set to 1T and Memtest. If it fails, then you are pretty much out of luck but you can try raising the Bank Cycle Time (Tras) to 12 and then 15. This can often smooth out the strobe cycle and allow the 1T Command Rate stably.


Oh and when you had your A8n32-sli, what were your best OC'd numbers? Just curious :)


I had so many processors to test on that board. Let's see:


  1. A64 3000+ Venice at 2.65Ghz

  2. A64 3700+ San Diego at 2.9Ghz

  3. Opteron 144 at 2.8Ghz

  4. Opteron 148 at 2.9Ghz

  5. A64 X2 3800+ Manchester at 2.6Ghz

  6. Opteron 165 at 2.75Ghz

  7. Opteron 170 at 2.8Ghz

That's about it.

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Ok this is where im gonna call the OC'ing quits. Quite respectable i think. Maybe ill give the memory a go on 1T for the command rate later.


Heres my final numbers, and my CPU temps were between 51 and 53 full load 2 instances of prime95 running large FFT's




Thanx for you help derek!

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