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HX520W buzzing


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I recently bought a HX520W powersupply and besides one thing I am really satisfied and this one thing ist that my unit tends to emit are buzzing sound when any 3D application (game) is running. This happens ONLY with 3D application, not when only the cpu is under load.

I have a mp3-sample of the sound: http://flintz.no-ip.org/netzteil.mp3 (amplified to show the buzzing, but still with its original loudness it can clearly be heard through a closed case)

The change in the pitch which can be heard is somehow related to the menus I used in the game (Oblivion), I have no real explaination for that behaviour.


Would be nice if any of the official members would tell me if this noise is within normal specification of the PSU.


Thanks in advance!

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Bought am PSU HX520 and after first make am he began hear Buzzing. (like described/recorded Flintz)


Buzzing be heard throughout surroundings PC from 0 to the 2 metres.


Has also somebody problems with PSU HX520 Revision B1W?


Place/Date of sale Europe/January 2007 /PSU HX520 REV B1W


am from that heart - broken







P965 Gigabyte ds4 rev1

CPU E6600

VGA NV7600 GT SilentPipe2 Gigabyte

RAM Transcend 2x1GB

HDD Seagate 7200.10 (ide)

surge guard APC Essential SurgeArrest 5 outlets 230V

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