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Physically faulty memory


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Well, I talked to you just over a month ago about some problems I was having with my system, it was a brand new system I had built and was running CMX2X1024-6400C4 in it,, it was crashing every now and then, sometimes it took 3-4 days before it would crash, other times it would crash on entry to windows.


Here's the thread about the problem earlier.




I put up with it because a crash every 4 days or so wasn't much of a problem.


However, this last couple of weeks the problem has been cropping up more often, until finally I switched the system on and it wouldn't boot.


I reseated the memory, no post, tried them one at a time, I got a successful post from one of the sticks.


Upon examing the second stick I've found a physical fault with it, the heat spreader is loose, and upon further examination it's obvious why, several of the memory chips are stuck to the heat spreader rather than the PCB.


I take it this will need replacing, how do I go about it and do I have to RMA both sticks?


Thanks in advance.

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