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CM2X1024-6400C4 both can't be bad!


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I just got a pair of CM2X1024-6400C4 sticks that I intended to use on an MSI 945P mobo.


The MSI has a diagnostic panel. :sunglasse


During the Pre-POST, I can see that the system checks the chipset, the CPU, configures the memory (from SPD) and begins to "Decompress the BIOS to RAM". It halts here.


So, I pulled the OCZ sticks out of my Asus P5B and plugged the Corsair sticks into that system. Nothing.


I cleared CMOS several times on both motherboards.


I tried one stick. Nothing.


I tried the other stick. Nothing.


I put the OCZ sticks back in. It works fine.


Can BOTH of these sticks be bad? Has anyone had problems with TigerDirect?


I just grabbed some Crucial sticks (I *need* that MSI system), but I would really like to figure out what's wrong here.


FWIW, I am using a wrist-strap and mat! I'm not a total newb...


Thanks folks!

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Ram Guy, I tried your suggestion before posting on the forum, and documented it in my original post. I did it several times.


I tried calling, but nobody answers. The PBX keeps rolling back to the menu instead of queueing the call.


I guess I'll try Tech Express now.

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