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TWINX2048-3200C2PT or TWINX2048-4400PRO ??


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hi all.

i've been doing a ton of reading & have not quite found the info i'm looking for.

i'm building a watercooled asus a8n-sli w\an opty 170.

i'm wondering if i will have the best chance of achieving a better oc

with the TWINX2048-4400PRO or the TWINX2048-3200C2PT w\this set-up?

as far as i can tell, the ddr550 should clock better as far as max bandwith in this set-up, but

the ddr400 would have tighter timings.

my thinking is to spend the extra on the ddr550 or am i wrong?

newegg has an eta listed of 02/05/07 for the ddr550 but

the ddr400 is supposed to be in stock & i'm not sure if it's worth the wait or

the extra $$ & i know the ddr is drying up quick.

i also have plans to play around w\a dfi expert to see what i can wring out of it.

does anyone know which of these mem's or possibly any other in 1gig sticks

that would be a better solution in regard to either of these boards w\ocing in mind?

my last build was a dfi lpnf2 (245x10 24\7) so i've been away from this stuff for a while, lol.

thanks for any & all help, caldy.

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This is quite dependent on your overclock, I would go with the 4400. They will allow a higher 1:1 ratio and you will gain a more responsive system with the higher DRAM throughput and overclock than lower throughput, divided CPU : DRAM ratios and lower latencies.
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thanks for the input DerekT.

i'm hoping for a nice overclock as the opty i got is generally described as primo.

what you described is what i was thinking, but just wasn't sure.

dividers never played a part with the nf2.

if i can remeber right, 1:1 was always preferred & i myself

never even attempted to stray from that.

newegg has an eta listed.

i hope i'm not waiting for nothing.

story of my life though, always a day late & a $ short, lol.

thanks again for any & all input, caldy.

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thanks again DerekT.

i'll make sure i do that.

as i said, this is a new animal to me, lol.

if i can remember right, i think i read somewhere that ramguy

said only the 3200 was still being manufactured.

i'm hoping the 4400 does return to stock as the egg is

still showing an eta of 02/05/07 (fingers crossed & doing some chanting), lol.

the 4000 is showing out of stock with no eta.

1 other quick ?.

i phoned & e-mailed asus support over a week ago & still waiting.

does anyone know if the a8n-sli basic is 8 phase & i'm sure this

board has an early bios & only the later bios's support x2's.

will i be able to put the opty in & update the bios w\out having a single core?

as i said, i'm still waiting for asus support & just thought someone may know.

asus support. some things never change:(: .

thanks again for any & all help, caldy.

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