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Asus Striker Exreme and EPP


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Hi all,


I have an Asus Striker Extreme motherboard and 2GB of Corsair Dominator 8888 (TWIN2X2048-8888C4DF).

According to the asus site, the motherboard is meant to support upto 1200Mhz memory clock with SLI-ready memory.


I'm very annoyed that I've paid a lot of hard-earned cash for supposedly the best available performance but I am finding that with all default bios settings (i.e. no overclocking), even with careful adjustments of the northbridge voltage I can't get the memory clock much above 900 Mhz before memtest86 reports lots of errors and the system isn't stable, even though both the ram and mobo specs are advertised to do at least 1111mhz.


If I enable SLI-ready memory detection, the system won't even boot until I hard-reset the CMOS back to default settings (800mhz memory clock) again.

I emailed Corsair tech. support and their very short reply was:


>> Currently we have senn numerous users having issues overclocking with

>> the Striker motherboard. I would not recommend using the EPP function.

>> Please post a thread on http://www.asktheramguy.com for overclocking advice.


The reply implies I'm overclocking but I'm just using default settings and enabling SLI-ready memory setting. Surely by definition aiming for 1111Mhz isn't overclocking, especially given that the motherboard specs list support for upto 1200Mhz with SLI-ready memory.


I'm not happy to fork out all that money then have to run at reduced clock rates compared to the supported speeds as advertised. Should I RMA the motherboard or could it be the memory?


Please can anyone else with a striker extreme mobo post what memory you have and what the fastest stable memory timings you have reached.


Also any hints as to how I might actually get the memory performance that I already paid for (ie. 1111Mhz at 4-4-4-4-12 ) would be much appreciated.

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What is the voltage on the memory? Simply enabling EPP support will not change the voltage on the memory. Voltage must be set to 2.35 (it overvolts to 2.4v) to get "the performance you paid for."


My settings for the speed of 1150 4-4-4-8-12-16-Auto were:


1.2VT = 1.42v

vNB = 1.42v (1.40v by bios)

vSB = 1.50v

CPU VTT = 1.32v

vMEM = 2.40 (2.35v set in bios)

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I tried it last night, no luck.


How do you know what is the maximum safe voltage for those things?


I don't want to burn out my memory and/or mobo from overvoltage. How can I tell what is a safe limit?

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