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Memory errors and crashes with new system


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Just got a new system from Aeoncraft and both memory sticks appear to be bad though one is much worse than the other. Upon receiving my system I got it running and within a couple of hours it crashed and started doing a boot loop as it wouldn't get Windows XP to come all the way back up. This is with a EVGA 680i MB and 2 one gig sticks of Corsair XMS2 DDR 800 ram btw.


I turned the system off and tried starting from scratch and eventually managed to bring XP back up. I set XP to not restart on crashes so I could see the error message and got a "Stop: 0x0000008E" error. After checking around the net I saw that this was almost always associated with memory.


I got memtester86 and ran it on both 1GB sticks separately. The first one actually had so many errors on the 2nd pass that it crashed memtester. It was over 80k errors when it crashed. The second stick had 4 errors after 7 passes so it wasn't perfect but at least it was somewhat stable.


After some more checking I decided to check the memory settings in my bios to make sure they were appropriate for the memory. They had the settings at 5-5-5-18 even though the settings on the side of the ram said 5-5-5-12. I reset the bios to the correct setting. I should add that the setting of 5-5-5-18 was auto selected by the MB. That wasn't Aeoncraft's fault.


I ran the system for about 6 hours before I got another memory error and crash.


I guess I need to know what other fixes I might try and the answers to a few more questions.


Is Aeoncraft an authorized reseller so this memory is covered under your warranty?


Is the fact that the ram is currently set to 1.85v in the bios a problem? It said 1.9v on your website for this ram (unless I was looking at the wrong ram on your site).


Is there anything else you need to know from me?



Thank you for any responses.

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I seem to be able to force a crash faster while playing CoD2 online. I guess it's pretty ram intensive. Anyway, with both sticks in the game it wouldn't even connect to a server before it crashed. I took out the stick that had so many errors and I just played for about an hour without any crashes.


So I'm thinking it pretty much has to be bad ram at this point. I just need a Corsair person to tell me if Aeontech is an authorized reseller so I know whether I have to contact them or go through Corsair for it.

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Yes as long as you are the first owner and when you go through the RMA process they ask you all that


"Authorized resellers are resellers who are listed on Corsair’s web site at the time of module purchase."


So that makes me wonder since I can't find Aeoncraft listed on their site.


Just need someone from Corsair to confirm that Aeoncraft is covered under the warranty then I need to figure out how to get a ticket# for the RMA form.

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  • Corsair Employees
If a reseller is not on the approved list that does not mean that your reseller would not authorized, only that they might not purchase directly from us and if they purchase from one of distributors they are authorized and may very well not be on the list, but they would be considered an authorized reseller. If there is some question I would suggest speaking with our customer service directly. 888-222-4346 Ext "0"
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I just realized I never came back here to say that Corsair took care of the issue by sending me a new stick of ram. They were very fast with it too.


I will definitely do business with you guys again.

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