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RMA Status please? Case #51560; RMA #R218601


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Hi again,


having just checked the tracking information on the UPS website the i see the address is not correctly spelt (not an error on my side), it says:



theres no such place as ABDERDALE.


the full correct postal address is:




now i've emailed the customer service person but i fear its the weekend and and won't get a reply til monday. Should i try and contact UPS USA or UK customer support and try and correct the problem before the parcel leaves the US?



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Hi Ramguy,


package turned up just now 26th - 4pm GMT. thankyou for your efforts.



BUT for ****S SAKE, whats customer service up to? they sent the wrong items.


I sent two 1GB sticks back and they have sent two sticks of 512mb back!


PLEASE can you get this sorted ASAP, and kick someone up the *** for me please. This is a stupid mistake to make.


I am very anoyed with them.


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I forgot to add that even the packing and shipping notes say TWINX1024-3200C2PT.


but they actually sent one pack of TWINX512-3200C2PT





PS. i like need this 2GB NOW, i had a game night all setup for this weekend with buddies and lots of BEER and now i'm all half cocked, so to speak. (english term)


Please Please get me this 2GB using the fasted service UPS offer so I can try and postbone my weekend til next week....:)

and I guess your need to ask customer service to arrange a UPS pickup (free of charge) of the 1GB (x2 512 sticks) next week or something.

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I called customer support as you advised and spoke to Stephany Lemos, who was very helpful in resolving this mixup quickly.


She said she has sent out via the 2 day faster UPS service the correct ram x2 1GB sticks ( 2GB kit CMX1024 3200C2PT ), and gave me the UPS details and RMA number to call my UK UPS and arrange for them to pickup the x2 512mb kit for return.


hopefully i should get the tracking number Monday and the package if all goes well arrive a couple of days later.



thanks for the advice, and i'll update you next week.



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