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Corsair Tech Support Case #56262

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Good morning.


Got a bit of a problem with a set of Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 2GB Kit. Install went bad from the get go, caused random system stability issues that led to a variety of problems from reboots to hard lockups.


Took these modules and put them through memtest86. They did fine on the bench until about an hour has lapsed then memory errors started to appear. I left the modules test for 9 hours which produced 14 errors @ the rated timings of 4-4-4-12 with default speed of 800MHz @ 2.1v.


After these sticks tested bad I grabbed another set of TWIN2X2048-6400C4 out of my wifes machine that I knew to be good sticks just to make sure it was not another component in the system that was doing the loop-d-loop. These modules ran the build rock solid stable on memtest86 for 10 hours and Orthos SP2004 for 10 hours without problems.


I've already filled out the RMA request last week and received an email from Hussain Karmally saying the RMA had been approved and they would issue an RMA # by the close of business yesterday (1.15.06). I've checked my mail this morning and still NO RMA number.


Can you please see if you can do anything to expedite this process? I'm heading out of town later this week and would like to get these modules overnighted to you for evaluation before I leave.





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This is not the Corsair I've come to know in the last 5 years!


What's the deal Ramguy? I've emailed rmaservice like 5 times now and still all I'm getting is your RMA is approved yet they have failed to send me an RMA number so I can ship these sticks in!


The reason most of the enthusiast community deals with Corsair is because you guys have always stood behind your product i.e. no hassle RMA's for defective chips!


:mad: This is starting to remind me of dealing with G.E.I.L. support!

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