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RAM Advice ?


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Actually I have a pair of TwinX1024 PC3200 C2 (2x512mb).

I'd like to upgrade and add some more, but don't know what to choose.

Any recommandations ? What is compatible with my MB (MSI K8N SLI Platinum with AMD64 3500+ & actual Corsair-Memory? :confused:


Looking out for your technical advice !

Thanx !

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Since Athlon 64's have the memory controller built into the cpu, they can get a bit finicky with four sticks of ram. You will need to find another matched pair of ram that uses the same chips as your current ram. Even then, it will be the luck of the dice to get all four to run stable. At minimum, you will need to lower the speed of the ram (333 MHz instead of 400MHz) and lower the command rate to 2T. IMHO, you would be much better off scrapping the ram you have now and buy a 2Gb matched pair kit of ram. The system will be more stable, you will be able to run the ram at 400MHz and should be able to run the command rate at 1T. Also, what stepping 3500+ do you have? Earlier steppings (BP) were much more finicky with the ram used than the latter steppings (CN). Still the Athlon 64's memory controller has limitations on addressing four sticks (8 banks) of ram. Look through the posts here, you will see numerous postings on people pulling their hair out trying to get four sticks of ram to run stable on their Athlon 64 system. The overwhelming recommendation is don't do it. Good luck!
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Thanks a lot for your very clear advice.


I'll go for the option - sell the old ones and buy some new ones...


But then, what is a good choice to make ?


Again some Twinx PC3200 C2 (2x 1024) ?


What do you think, considering my current MotherBoard and CPU ?



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The onboard memory controller of A64 is not as needful of tight timings on DRAM so I would go with the Corsair Value Select DDR400Mhz DRAM.


VS2GBKIT400C3 are 1024MB (1GB) Sticks x 2 = 2GB




These will suit you just fine. That is a good system for running an overclock on as well. If you decide you want some more power from that CPU, just post in the Enthusiast section and you will find help in gaining a marked improvement and still keep a 100% stable and cool running system.

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