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CM73DD1024R-400/M and CM73DD1024R-400/E


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Hi, I'm clueless about memory. Please help.

I would like to know if CM73DD1024R-400/M and CM73DD1024R-400/E will work together.


I recently bought a CM73DD1024R-400/E on ebay. I needed 2 but only 1 was available. The next available item was CM73DD1024R-400/M. I was wondering if I can use them together.


What is E, and M stands for anyway?


Thank you.


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  • Corsair Employees

The letter at the end means the IC that was used to make the part.

E = Elpida

M = Micron


And you would just have to try them, the MB or memory controller will either work or it will not; but I would suggest they all match for best performance.

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