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Rma# R217862


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Is there any info as you had the RAM received before my ABIT motherboard and the board is on the way back, but I have not heard a word from Corsair..??


Type: Package

Status: Delivered

Delivered on: 01/10/2007

10:14 A.M.

Delivered to: FREMONT, CA, US

Signed by: SWALWALL

Service Type: 3 DAY SELECT

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NP Please let me know when you get them.


I just popped in the RAM, booted right up Ran Memtest 1.60 on both sticks in board slot 1and2 dual mode set to 4-4-4-12-2t 22@1.97v and 20 passes on memtest whole 7.5hrs of runtime and not any errors at all:cool:

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But I do have OS issues I have XP-64 installed I think it could be from bad RAM before and the 1st install may be corrupt trieed Repair but all is still the same I think a good drive format and fresh install may clear things up ...At least I hope so..
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