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HP Special edition L2000 Bluescreens upon install


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I got a Value Select (VS1GGSDS333) for a christmas gift. it was purchased at fry's in burbank on dec.15th (way over their 15 day return policy at this point)

i just finally installed it resulting in a BSOD (i thought xp didnt bluescreen?) upon boot. this spec'ed out as the correct module for the machine. (pc2700, 333) could it be a the wrong module, or is it likely just a bad one?


if it is the wrong module, can i just add the extra amount of the correct one and return it via a RMA? thanks so much! :):

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Those should work in that system as long as you are not mixing them with the memory that came with your system, other wise I would suggest using the CMSS1GB-333 part!


apparently, its not within company policy, (per tech support and customer service) to return and pay for an upgrade the part in question, seeing as it is, in this case, not compatable with other memory. apparently upon purchasing (or being given as a gift) "value select", you are effectively tethered to "value select" if you wish to upgrade further. (or at least, you take your chances if you try.)


i now have to sell a christmas gift to buy compatable memory. definitely not a happy customer.

i guess the "They will take care of you!" promise on the customer service site...has limited application.


The next memory upgrade for my personal or office network systems will be from the manufacturer of said systems, or from vendors whose support policies solve problems quickly to the satisfaction of customers, not only protect the bottom line of the vendor.

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