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Need RMA


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  • 2 weeks later...

Corsair received my rma January 19. I was told on Wednesday January 24 it was shipping out that afternoon. Nothing. I called on Friday the 26th. The girl mentions they having trouble with their "system" and will call me back within the hour. No call. Called today the 29th, Still having problems and will probably ship out in a few days.


This contradicts what ram guy says is the normal timeline. Can someone tell me what actually is the case. This is frustrating being told one thing and having another happen...just be straight up with me.


Is it really going to ship in a few days? I really dont know who or what to beleive anymore.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry as we did have a server problem that was not corrected till this afternoon and our RMA is behind. I will send them a note and ask them to contact you ASAP but I would suggest you follow up with them by phone at 888-222-4346 Ext "0" if you can!
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