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I have problem with CM2X512-6400C4 and Gigabyte DQ6


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I have got two CM2X512-6400C4 Corsair memory (twinpack 800mhzDDRII-4-4-4-12) and Gigabyte DQ6. I think two modules are healhty but one module can not work, single or dual. But it works on another machines correct.


Let me explain like that.

1.memory module name : 1

2.memory module name : 2


1 works everytime, in every slot. 1 Works perfect alone.


1+2 sometimes dual or single works in only one time, you can use the machine very good, after one restart they dont work again. After restart the machine open (but no signal on monitor) while 5 seconds then power off then open again automatic no signal agaib, the and power again.. same rotation..


2 never works alone. I tried on another machines 2 works perfect.


I uptaded the Bios as F8. Nothings changes.

Now I can use with only one module (module 1) as 512MB, What should I do ?


Is my motherboard have a problem or is this competibility issue ?

If yes The other one works great, how can be a competibility issue ?


Thank you.

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What if I wont find any error, any suggestions ?


First we isolate the RAM from the issue. If there is no problem with the DRAM then we move to checking the motherboard, etc.


If you can test with Memtest for both modules on another board. In single and in Dual channel pair and if both work then you have isolated the RAM from the issue and we can move on.


You need to use Memtest otherwise you can not be certain that it is in fact working in the other machine.


Please enter here and set down your entire system parts, make and model. Make it as precise as possible, including Power Supply, etc.



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