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VS512MB400 giving errors


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I have 2 Shuttle XPS SN25P computers, 1 has 2 x VS512MB400 memory sticks in it, and the other one has 1 single stick of VS512MB400 in it,


the computer with the single stick crashes and reboots randomly and upon testing the memory with microsofts memory test program overnight, it came back with 56,000 errors, the other computer works fine, and if i borrow a single stick of memory from it, both computers work fine, and whichever compter i put the faulty memory into, has the errors, so i'm 99% certain that the memory is at fault


The memory is 10 months old and it was bought online from ebuyer.com and i have contacted them and they dont want to know and told me to contact corsair directly and from what i can find out here, i need to post here for a response from techguy first


What should i do next about getting the memory replaced ? (I'm in the UK by the way)



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