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FV utility uninstallation serious problem


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Upon noticing Corsair has changed from its previous Flash Voyager utility to the TrueCrypt one, I have installed this latest and it is now working OK.


Later on I wanted to uninstall the now unused Flash Voyager utility, and have found a very serious problem: right after the uninstallation, it damages the Windows partition so every subsequent boot attempt stops at the BSOD screen, displaying the message "Inaccessible boot device".


Investigating this problem (by restoring the whole partition from my backup and trying again) I have found that stopping or disabling the utility's underlying service causes no problem, it is just its uninstallation that does that mess.


I have checked the Prolific's web site but found no help. And I would not like

to have unused software installed on my computer forever.


Can you help ?

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  • Corsair Employees

I have not seen this issue with our utility I have uninstalled mine several times.

There must be some other problem or software that might be corrupting the registry entries.

You can try and manually remove the entiers in your registry if you like.

I would suggest calling our Tech support and we can try to help you 800-205-7657

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