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Thanks to the Ram Guy for identifing my ram. It's v2.1(promo Ic's) by label and code numbers on the stick. Sisandra shows them as v1.2 which is normally the micron ic's. I'm probably not that lucky.....right?


I am able to overclock them to 920mhz at 4-4-4-12-22-T2 with the FSB unlinked at 1430mhz. Would this be possible if the ic's were promos?


I don't know much about ratios but it's 7:9....Is that bad?


thanks for any replies

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I have found that there is very little difference between 850MHz at 4 - 4 - 4 - 12 and 1000Mhz at 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 in real life testing. Since you are even closer to the 1000MHz I would say that you would find even less of a differential.


You may want to test for yourself though. It's always best to test yourself on the programs that you mostly use.


Everest Ultimate Edition from http://www.lavalys.com is a wealth of information regarding bandwidth and your system.


I would not be without it when tweaking my system. It is also one of the few programs that give the Vdimm as well as the entire DRAM settings.

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