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p5b-e and CM2X1024-6400


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hi experts,


i just recently acquired a pair of CM2X1024-6400 and it works perfectly fine with just module-A installed (this is the comp i'm using to post this message). Soon as i put in module-B problems start to arise when i power on my comp:


- it sometimes will not POST, like 3/10 times

- even if it post, it would sometimes halt in the bios screen which requires rebooting.

- if it gets lucky it would boot up to the point where win2k loads the big white screen logo and stop responding when the blue progress bar fills up at the bottom.


if i remove module-A and just put module-B in, it will POST nearly all the time but the random halting goes on and win2k stops at that same point.


i'm afraid to mess around with the bios settings because i'm no expert with all the various settings and worry about making the computer worse.


any experts here can explain to me and advise what i should be doing or testing? i'll try my best to provide whatever additional information is needed to find out what the problems are :sigh!:


many thanks.



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