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Metallic noise from PSU (HX520W)


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Sorry for my bad english, i'm Italian.


About one months ago i have bought a new psu for my PC ... a Corsair HX520W.

Now the PSU works fine but when I turn on a Pc in the morning the PSU fan make a metallic noise, this noise continues for about ten minutes and after disappear.


I have this problem only when i turn on the pc after some hours of inactivity.

What is the problem? ... Should I RMA this unit? (i hope not)


Thanks in advance for all answers.


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The label seems to be normal.


This morning (In Italy now are 9.45 AM), I have tried to touch the fan with a pen to move it and after, when I have turned on the pc the noise this time is disappeared after some second (normal it continues for ten or twenty minutes).


I am pretty confused :thinking:

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