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RMA request - 2x VS1GSDS667D2

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I purchased two (2) sticks of PN VS1GSDS667D2 RAM back in the end of June to upgrade my laptop RAM to 2GB, installed it into my laptop the beginning of July, but replaced it with the stock memory after about 3 weeks of use. After these three weeks of use, my machine would randomly freeze up, or crash programs while doing nothing strenuous to the machine (reading a web page for example). Furthermore, although I would usually be able to get into the OS, it would freeze shortly thereafter. Or, if I actually managed to be able to navigate the OS a little bit before it froze/crashed, I would go to launch a program, and I would get what I would describe to be several frames overlayed of the program launching. I would not be able to launch the program, and the system would crash/freeze.


After several days of problems, I reinstalled the factory memory. Reinstalling the factory memory remedied this problem, and I no longer had these same issues with startup. Shortly after that (beginning of September), my logic board was replaced under warranty because my laptop started exhibiting similar symptoms of crashing a program while being lightly used. After the logic board was replaced, I figured the problems I was experiencing earlier were due to the logic board and not the memory.


Therefore, in early October, I reinstalled the Corsair memory into my laptop. It worked fine for a day, and then I began experiencing the same exact problems with the OS crashing upon startup, the OS freezing and overlaying several frames of the program launching, and programs such as Word crashing under light usage. I have since reinstalled my factory memory and had the logic board checked again, and have not had any problems since removing the Corsair memory.


For these reasons, I feel that I have one (1) or two (2) defective memory sticks from Corsair. Hopefully this is the issue, and hopefully it can be remedied through Corsairs reputably fabulous warranty.



EDIT: Oh yeah, the reason it has taken me so long to make an RMA request is because I forgot about Corsair's lifetime warranty on their memory. I had just come to accept that I was out of luck, and would have to deal with wasting $150 on 2GB of defective memory since I was out of what I assumed to be only a 30 day warranty.




Thank you,


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Please make sure that you have the latest bios for your Notebook and test the modules one at a time with http://www.memtest.org to be sure. And when you change the modules please go to Bios setup and load setup defaults and then test them one up.

If its just one failing module it will be come clear when you test them one at a time. If its some other problem a newer bios may solve it. But let's test them on at a time to be sure.

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