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p5nsli memory module help


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i am in need of a list of 2 gig (2x1) 667 mhz ddr2 memory modules for my motherboard (an asus p5nsli). what stores carry them, and at which store are they the cheapest? i am not overclocking and i only play warhammer 40k dawn of war. i do download and burn dvd movies for home use (got some gret old banned in the us disney stuff hehehe) however i cannot move the files after being downloaded to my secondary Hard drive. i am currently running cheap k-byte crap and would like to upgrade and i am extremely low on funds. also this computer will soon have solidworks student edition on it for me to learn on until i can get to a college that actually has classes. so if someone couold tell me the cheapest store to go to to get compatible a 2 gig dual channel set i would greatly appreciate it. i am in ardmore oklahoma 95 miles north OKC 95 miles south Dallas)
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