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RMA Request CMX512-3200LL


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Hey there!


I work in a computer store as a troubleshooter / Tech myself but today I'm in need of a RMA for my very own system at home.


I got used to memory testing methods. I've been runing memtest daily at work for some years already so I had it all tested before even coming in here.


So here's the problem.

Since yesterday, my girlfriend's PC went from perfect, to bad, then worse.

It's a PC I had absolutely no issue with since yesterday.

I've had it running 24/7 for almost 3 years now.

Then it yesterday night, it popped a BSOD. *Blue Screens*

I rebooted...everything "seemed" okay but made me doubt something may be going wrong.

Then today she told me she had 3 of them (While I was at work).

Then later on the PC wouldnt even reboot to windows again and pops random BSODs regarding random .dll files. (classic to memory failure).


So I loaded setup defaults, made sure the ram was at original settings 2-3-2-6 2.7V (it has never been overclocked anyway, my GF plays "The sims" and the likes, lol)

Then I started memtest and got 20000+ Errors in every part of the thest within a single pass...

I then tried them individually to find out that like a lot of people who had memory issue, only one of the module is bad, since it's a TwinX pair tho I need to send them both so I'm now in need of a RMA # and all to fill the form and send them back.


Thanks a lot.




Don't worry even if I have to go through a RMA process, your products still rocks and I'll keep suggesting them to customers / friends needing performance and reliability.

Besides I've had it much much worst with other memory brands that this forum doesnt allow me to type in... (let's call them ORCZ and Kengston) lol ;):

Long life to corsair :D:

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