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(680i)NF68 AR+Twin2x2048 6400,


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I have a problem where 1.75gb of 2.0gb only show in windows on my test build(bios show full 2.0gb). I also tried installing 4.0gb total and still show 1.75gb, and I know about the limitation with windows when installing 4.0gb+. So how could I have the full 2.0gb memory show in windows when 2.0gb are installed?


Although in my old system which was a p5n32 SLI Deluxe it would show 2.75gb of 4.0gb and I was fine with that.


680i NF68 p23Bios

e6700 Core2Duo

XMS2 Twin2x2048 6400(testbuild 2.0gb installed)5-5-5-18-2t 1.9v

7950gx2 (x2)Evga


Thanks in advance!

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I would suggest running Memtest on all your DIMMs individually. Also, will your MOBO boot with a single DIMM in any 4 of the RAM slots (check the manual, I don't know if it will or not). If so, boot in all 4 slots with a single DIMM to see if you have a bad RAM slot.
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