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Wrong module part number?


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I have TWIN2X2048-6400PRO.

It was perfectly work.

(I checked by memtest86, GoldMemory v6.92, cpu-z v1.38)

By the way, I found wrong module part number one of them.

One side, DDR2 label but the other side, 3200C2PRO (DDR1) label.

I didn't know that at first.

I have extra DDR2 memory now so I want RMA.

Your reply would be appreciated.

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Cuold the Issue on the 6400 RAM be if it is all 3200 just OC..???:bigeyes


As I have RMA'd my 6400c4 it would not work on my AMD anylonger


Ram Guy: imageshack.us blocked? odd...


Ldamien: LMAO, NO! 3200 series is DDR1, 6400 is DDR2, PHYSICALLY different.

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