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VS512MB667D2 Bad module


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hello im new here fist of all and i need to put in for a replacment for my VS512MB667D2 module....i have 2 512 chips inside my PC right now both exactly th same and of course from corsair :) unfortuanitly i found out that VS512MB667D2 module needs replacing....when playin games such as AOE3 or WOW my computer hangs. i found that when removing VS512MB667D2 module and leaving the other 512 from corsair same exact one as VS512MB667D2 module the games run smooth and they run all night.....so i went out and bout another 512 just like VS512MB667D2 module so i can have my complete 1 gig running on dual channel :) and everything is great....but as soon as i plug the VS512MB667D2 module back in games run for about 10-30 min and freeze the entire computer when i take it out....everything is fine.. i hope this clearly explains my situation.


P.S. you can check out my computer specs above :) in my profile

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