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Had Problems Installing BF2 Patch.


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I was having a problem patching my BF2 installation to 1.41(it would always fail)

I contacted EA, and they told me it could be many things, and to test my RAM was one. So I used memtest, and got an error every time at the same memory address. It always returns one value higher then what is put in on the 3rd number. (Like 00000000 in |returns 00100000) I have two modules so I tried one at a time and narrowed it down to one stick. I was able to patch the game successfully when using only the one good stick. These where purchased as a kit from newegg on 1-3-2005. Do I still have a warranty on this item, and if so do I return both sticks or just the bad one.


Memory info: VS512MB400 lot 0451051-0 (product VS1GBKIT400)


MB: shuttle SN41G2 V3 BIOS FN41US0R

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