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UK Duty and Tax on returned RAM


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While I wait for an RMA number I decided to contact the UK customs and excise to find out the best way to send my TwinX back to Corsair and have it returned without having to be charged any duty, VAT or administration.


It turns out that I can’t despite having to fill in many forms and have official proof of postage and the fact that the memory is being returned or repaired free of charge duty & VAT is still applicable.


I was concerned because the last time I had to return a 512Mb stick of 3200C2PT in June 2003 on its return I had to pay £13.80 before the post office would hand it over. This was made up of Duty £0.54, VAT £8.76 and administration £4.50.


The charge was reasonable low because I convinced the customs that the value of the item was quite low, thisis going to be more of a problem with my TwinX modules for which the charge will probably be more than double.


My question is…isn’t it about time Corsair set-up a UK office to channel warranty repairs / replacements through to alleviate the grief and expense tyour UK customers get after initially paying a premium for a lifetime guarantee or making an arrangement with UK customs to remove the charges.


For reference when my RAM was retured in 2003 the Corsair packing label had a description of ‘Memory’ and a value of $1 this was obviously unrealistic and didn’t help the proceedings.


According to the customs regulations the package should be marked “Goods returned after process/repair” or “Replacements under standard exchange” If goods are repaired or replaced free of charge this is to be indicated on the parcel. I would be grateful if you would pass this onto your shipping department.


Sorry to go on but I dread my RAM going faulty because of the hassle and additional expense.


To substantiate the above, if necessary, I can send you the invoice I received from customs and the HM revenue & Customs ‘Notice 235” which details the procedure we have to go through to limit the cost to only Duty, VAT and admin.


Best regards,



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