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Memtest shows 30 errors in one address over 5 hours


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I'm building a C2D system (specs in profile), after manually setting the memory specs in BIOS to 4-4-4-12 and 2.1 volts, I ran memtest off a bootable iso CD. I noticed that before the first pass was done it got an error, so I rebooted and restarted memtest a few times and still got an error or two each reboot cycle. I then let memtest run for 5 hours overnight and got around 30 errors, all the errors were at the same memory address (just one red row on memtest). If I am reading the memtest results right, it seems that I have a bad memory address in my pair of memory modules.


Any ideas? And if you guys think that the memory is infact bad, any chance of an overnight cross-ship for some new modules seeing that these apparently were bad right out of the box?

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