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Vs512mb400 - Vs512mb400c3


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It's always a dice throw when mixing and matching DRAM. That being said, it will not hurt to try.


With two sticks, enter your BIOS and set your Vdimm (DRAM Voltage) to 2.8V. Set your DRAM speed to:


MB Intelligent Tweaker


DDR Voltage Control = +.2


Then install the other two sticks, restart and cross your fingers. Test with Memtest from http://www.memtest.org. Sadly, your board has no setttings to lower your DRAM so one can hope that it will automatically drop to 333MHz when 4 Slots are used. Otherwise it is doubtful that this will work.

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Thanks for the quick reply.


Tried it this morning - but nope the bios wont see the 2nd GB.


Either pair 1GB works fine on its own but with all 4 in in it still remains at 1GB :[pouts: .


I'll go get another 2 x VS512MB400C3 to match what was originally in the MB.





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