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General Warranty Question!


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I Purchased Two RAM Modules in PAIR, as a Dual-Channel Kit, in Dec. 2005.


Dead Module Part No. - VS512MB400, - 8-DIGIT # D680001H

Serial No. : 783 - 0547139 - 0 - 799097.


One of the two modules died on me on 01-07-07, without being touched.

Suddenly, my WinXP system started to crash. Error was sent to MicroSoft. Answer was to Download a program (MS-MemTest). Set on a floppy and booted from it.

All Tests FAILED. Removed Mem Chips One-at-the-time and retested. One chip Tested OK, the other FAILED all tests.

Next, checked RAM chips one-at-the-time in POST (BIOS-CMOS) Set for "Disabled" in "Quick Boot-Up". Again, One of the two chips froze the POST with line "MEMORY TEST FAILED".

Therefore, I kept One chip and wanted replacement for the second, to be able to access "Dual Mem" state.


The electronic RMA form has a mandatory entry (Guru number, or so) ... what is it and why? Should I go thru registration on this forum before I can claim a RMA?


What gives?

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I sent ONE of the two modules as per RMA form.

Today is Jan. 21st and I didn't get squat!

I know postage time is normally 3-day in/3-day out, plus Verifying.

But this takes forever, and I lost patience: I am using just my laptop, and I don't know what to do next!



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