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RMA Update Please, It's been over a month

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Early in December I shipped a corrupted SD card for a warranty replacement.


My RMA number is R210272 and the case number is 27719.


I have left several phone messages with the RMA department and sent an email to tech support requesting an update. It has been well over a month since I sent my card. Can you please let me know what's up? I haven't been able to get any response and it seems the phone system is just a big voice mail tree. I have never been able to get an actual person to talk too.


Thank you.

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Thank you for your response. It's good to know there is an actual person somewhere down the pipeline at Corsair.


Unfortunately, I was busy with holiday preparations the week the card went bad and did not have time to go to the post office (a rather lengthy affair in Oakland, CA), so it was shipped first class without a tracking number.

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Ram Guy,


I apologize that I have to direct this message here, understanding that as the person answering these forums, you probably have little control over these issues. Nevertheless, since your the only contact with the company I've been able to establish


Given the following:


1. Personal experience with 100s of packages shipped via USPS, with a variety of shipping methods, arriving at their destinations successfully (admittedly, some have been damaged, but all have arrived in one condition or another)

2. Several phone messages left with Tina at extension 279 in the RMA department and messages emailed via the "contact us" area of the Corsair website over the past three weeks going completely unanswered

3. The numerous issues with responses to RMAs and receiving packages various customers have had with Corsair, as evidenced in the posting history of this forum


I find it extremely difficult to believe that my SD card has not arrived at Corsair. It was shipped in early December of 2006 and I'm practically next door in the East Bay Area of CA. I find it much more likely that it was misplaced somehow upon being received.


Is there any way you can check on this? It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing when you call our customer service please just hit "0" and do not select an extension they will answer the phone unless they are on it! DO NOT HIT EXT 279!


Actually USPS has a bad record of getting packages delivered, I dont know the actual number but it happens at least once or twice a week, I had a customer the other day who said he got his package back after almost two years un-delivered and wanted to know if he could send it back again. UPS or FEDEX of course!


I agree its possible that the package had some issue here and may be here, but customer service will be who needs to check for you. Sorry but they treat me like a mushroom when it comes to money and invintory. I dont have access to that aera to go and physically check it for you.


Please call them again and dial "0" and if you get Volice mail just hang up and call again.

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