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BAD VS1GB400C3 Module


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Hi All,



I purchase Corsair® Value Select 2GB DDR PC3200 Kit (2 x 1GB) (VS2GBKIT400C3) from Microdirect on 13/07/2006. The kit work find for about a month then Windows XP became very unstable. So I then decide to reinstall windows and that failed everytime. So I read through the forum of corsair and download the memtest program. One stick works and pass every test. The other stick failes every test everytime I let the test going for an couple of hours and it did not pass once. So I install the working stick and a spare 512mb stick I had before the upgrade and that has been very stable since. Windows XP is has now been working fine for about two months without an error. The reason I have contacted yourselfs instead of Microdirect is I dont have all the packaging as per they RMA proceedure. Can this memory still be RMA and do I need to send both sticks for testing as this would only leave me 512mb.


Kind Regards




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