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Flash Voyager USB Driver Issue


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Just recently got a Flash Voyager 1gb drive.. plugged it in college (am 99% sure they're USB 2 there) and everything worked fine, plugged.. played.. put course notes on and home I go.


Using USB 1.1 on windows XP SP2 (home edition) at home and getting the USB error re USB EMBEDDED HUB : The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.. I've checked the Drivers folder and it does appear that there is a "default hub driver" present but the drive will not detect it when I point the wizard there (as per this forum and the pdf manual instructions)


Can someone please tell me where I can get the driver I need?




Would installing a usb 2.0 card fix the problem?


Obviously the flash key works.. it shouldnt need to be replaced. I've tried all sorts of downloads from usbman and windows to no avail.. please help as I wish toget a 4gb key soon.

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