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BAD Ram module


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I most certainly havea BAD ram module.


I have 2x1 gig sticks of COrsair DDR 2 667 ram and they were purchased as a MATCHED pair.


I am using a AW9D MAX (abit motherboard) BOTH ram modules worked for a while until my computer would no longer even boot. On opening the computer the m/b leds read out came out as 'C1'. On inspection I took out one of the RAM modules and left it with just 1 in. The computer still did not boot. So I tried the same module on differnet RAM slots still no luck. So then I tried the 2nd module and took outthe first one. To my surpise the computer Posted PERFECTLY and fisrttime so I tried the same Ram on all memory slots and all was fine. I put back the faulty one and it then refused to POST. SO I most certianly havea faulty memory module.


So what happens form here please, As i most certainly have a faulty memory module?





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