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HX-620 making high pitched whining noise


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Hello everyone!


I just recently bought the new HX-620 PSU from Corsair and happily installed it into my system.


Everything went fine so far and I have to admit it could be the most quiet PSU I had installed for years, but...

...here comes the problem:


While the fan is whisper quiet, the PSU itself emits a high pitched whining noise, just like a turned on TV without a signal or when the speakers are muted.


When sitting about 3m away from the PC it is mostly drowned by the background noise but when kneeling near the PSU one can clearly hear it.


While it isn't the end of the world, it is somewhat unpleasant and I didn't experience such noise from other PSUs in the past.



Is this noise simply by design or could it be a faulty PSU?



Thanks in advance for your help.

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The sticker's all right and the PSU also.


I just found numerous threads in different forums that report the ASUS P5B-E Plus motherboard to cause many different PSUs to emit the noise I was describing.


http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&client=opera&rls=de&hs=TZG&q=ASUS+P5B-E+Plus+fiepen&btnG=Search (All in German, but it shows we have a real problem at hand. "fiepen" in this case means "emitting high pitched noise" in German.)


As it looks the problem does NOT RELATE to the PSU but to the MOTHERBOARD although the PSU is the component emitting the noise. Strange new world.


Seems like I'm in for a ride with the ASUS technical support. Yay.... :[pouts:

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I would RMA it, but that would leave my rig without a suitable PSU since I recently installed a 8800GTX and sold my "old" 450W PSU.


Additionally I would have to ship it to the USA and bear the full shipping costs - if I am not mistaken - which would be rather expensive.


Also I don't think my local retailer would take the PSU in and send me a new one since the RMA request will have to be handled by CORSAIR.



Seems like I have to bear with the noise unless I want to spend >100 Euros on a PSU to use while the CORSAIR PSU is on it's way to you as well as paying a high fee for shipping :(


I would be happy for any enlightenment you can provide, since I like the HX (when disregarding the noise) very much and don't want to switch to competitor A or B.

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i just recently purchased a Corsair HX-520 PSU because of the reviews on how quiet this psu is and i wanted a totaly quiet pc, but im kind of dissapointed becasue i can hear a high pitched noise coming from it. I have an Asus A8V motherboard but i dont think that is the problem becasue i have had several other psu's working with this board without any noise. I did hookup this psu without anything connected and it wasnt making any noise so im not sure if its a compatibility problem or just the psu. Im dissapointed because none of the reviews seemed to have this problem. Any suggestions?
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