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6400 C4 Issue

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newbie on this forum.


Got an XBX2 with a QX6700 + 2 x 6400 C4 sticks.


I managed to get into windows with 525Mhz and 2.28Volts @ 5-5-5-18 but could not even get prime re running.


I don't wont 1000+ as I am looking for stability.


I'm thinking that 900-950 @ 4-4-4-12 @ 2.2-2.28 Volts should be stable, although it doesn't seem to be in my case Orthos + memtest come up with errors at 900.


Could someone pls confirm or not that 900-950 is not unreasonable?

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If you are looking for stable then I would set to a 1:1 and tighten the timings up.


The RAM is guaranteed to run at 6400 with 800MHz. Does your ram Memtest correctly at 6400 with 4 - 4 - 4 - 12 at 2.1V? Anything else is icing on the cake and one set will perform differently than another.


You are overvolting the RAM already and so are past the warranty stage of that DRAM. Your DRAM is warranted up to and including 2.1v.


525Mhz = 1050DDR and you were at ~2.3V? :sigh!: I bet Orthos is coming up with Errors. I feel for your system. Running a 525Mhz bus. What is your core voltage and thermals at?

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core voltage 1.5 @ 3.5Ghz this is orthos stable and runs fully loaded @ 69-70 (water) FSB + ICH/MCH at default levels. (i have gone up to 3.9Ghz @1.6V but not stable)


To get to 525 I used a 350 fsb and 2/3 divider, i.e. 266 + 800 (in the XBX2). I had to increase fsb to 1.375 and ICH/MCH to 1.675 - both of which are not spectacular..


The spd of the module includes 2.2volts (EPP).. going up to 2.28 was not a feat and i don't intend to keep it there. I just wanted to see what it can do within what i think are safe limits.


But anyway I think that the mem just doesn't oclock well. It really should be able to got to 450 without too much of a hastle now days

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Now they use ProMos chip... need say it will be difficult to have 1000 mhz if it's not Micron.
This is not true. I have worked with 8 sets of Promos 6400C4's and out of the 8 sets, 6 were able to achieve 1000Mhz at 5 - 5 - 5 - 15. One set made 950 and one 900. Promos handle voltages well also.




This is on Promos.

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