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Twin2048-3200PT + DFI nF4 Ultra-D = Help in setting it up!!!

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Hey guys!!!


This is my system:


AMD X2 4400+

DFI nF4 Ultra-D Bios 2006/04/06

Corsair 2GB TwinX2048-3200PT

VisonTek ATi X850XT Xtasy

WD 74GB Raptor in SATA

Maxtor 300GB in SATA

HP DVD640i CD Drive

520w Powerstream PSU

Creative X-Fi Fata1ty FPS

Promedia Klipsch THX 2.1 Speakers


MX518 w/ Icemat 2nd gen

Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

ViewSonic 20.1" LCD 16ms response


Okay I was having issues with dual channel for some reason. Everytime I was running a task in Photoshop (opening up a large format PDF) the system would crash. I would yank one stick of ram out and running the system with 1GB, it performed the task with no problem. When I have both sticks in at the same time... there seems to be some sort of issue. Ive exchanged 5 emails with DFI support and they were very helpful. They are pointing me in the direction towards the memory. Before I had 2GB of Value Ram from another brand and it would crash imediatally when I performed the task... However with this Corsair that I just bought it crashes midway in performing the task. This is the only problem that Ive experienced in this system crashing. Reading up on this forum I recently bumped the voltage up and have been playing with the timings and havent experienced any crashing at all when performing that task. However I am not sure about the timings and the settings I am using. I am a total novice at this and have no experience in memory timings. So what I am looking for is something that will perform at its 100% with my system and is 100% stable. Ive included pictures of my BIOS of all the settings. I have no understanding of any values (excuse my noobness)... so I thought it would be easier for me and for you guys to help me out.


Thank you sooooooo much!!!





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Seems to run very good. In Command Per Clock there is 3 options... Disable, Enable, Auto. I did Disable cause it seemed like the one for 2T. Im not sure. I attached a picture of my screen booting up just to make sure its right. Is there anything else I can do to make it perform better? This computer is used for advance 3D rendering and a lot of Adobe Photoshop. Like to get the best out of its performance.


Thank you again.


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Amoroso - setting the Command per Clock to "Disable" will indeed force a 2T command rate.


I've used this motherboard and have found that boosting DRAM drive values greatly enhances the stability w/r/t memory problems. Under "DRAM drive strength" and "DRAM data drive strength", change those from "Auto" to their maximum allowable values and reset your CpC to "Enable". Try that and see if you can maintain the 1T rate with stability. :sunglasse


The memory termination voltage on this board is kinda flaky. The voltage itself is not adjustable, but the drive strength is and boosting it can be very effective.

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