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VS1GB400C3 causes system overclocking

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I have a module of VS1GB400C3 which I have recently attempted to use in a machine, but I believe the module is flawed.


The system in question is using an ASUS A7A-266. This motherboard is fully spec'ed to use the Corsair memory I own.


With a stick of 256MB from Eclipse in either of the two DDR slots, the system will boot cleanly. With my Corsair in either of the two DDR slots, alone or in conjunction with the Eclipse, the system will hang with no display and no beep codes. Upon removing the Corsair, the system boots into the BIOS and displays the following message: "During the last boot-up, your system hung for an improper CPU Speed setting. Your system is now working in safe mode. To optimize the system performance and reliability, make sure the CPU speed conforms to the specifications of your CPU."


The system is clocked at 1200 MHz as rated (9x multiplier, 133 MHz bus). At first glance this would not appear to be a RAM problem, except it occurs on boots without the Corsair RAM after attempting to boot with the Corsair RAM. No changes have been made to the BIOS.


To corroborate the accusation, a different, known-good machine which is also rated to the specifications of the Corsair memory in question was shut down; the RAM was removed; the Corsair stick was inserted. The system was then powered on, and the audible message "System failure due to CPU overclocking" was heard.


This system was also clocked as rated, and no changes had been made to the BIOS since its known-good state was verified.


I would like a replacement stick of VS1GB400C3.




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The MB A7A-266 will only support PC-2100 memory and the module VS512MB400 will only support PC2700 or PC-3200 speeds in the modules SPD.

Please see if a friend can help you test the module in a system that will run DDR400 natively t be sure!

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