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Overclocking TWIN2X1024A-C6400 on P5B

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Mobo - Asus P5B, BIOS rev. 908

CPU- Intel Pentium D930 (3.0 gHz) O/C to 3.3375, FSB 225 (900 Rated), Multiplier=15, 1.225 v

RAM-TWIN2X1024A-C6400 (x1) timings 5-5-5-18-6-42-10-10-10-10 (default by spd) @ 450 mHz (900 ddr) voltage set to auto (i'm assuming it's at 1.9, the mobo default)

with the exception of the FSB and memory speed forced to DDR2-900, all oc-related settings are on auto.


I'm just wondering if anyone has a similar setup with a higher overclock. i've gotten mine to post at FSB 230 (CPU 3450, mem 920) but it won't boot into os.


just curious as to what I can do with this hardware (i would assume some fanagling of memory timings would be in order, but I don't know what would be stable at those speeds).

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