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RMA Nightmare, 4 different DIMMs


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One of my DIMMs (VS512MB400) went bad a few months ago, so I sent it in for replacement. I recieved two different DIMMs (VS512MB400C3) one with chips on both sides of the module and one with chips on one side only. When I used DIMM with chips on only one side in conjunction with the other C3 or my still-working stick, my compy only recognized 512MB of RAM installed.


When I installed the C3 in together with my original, it worked, but the RAM only ran at 100MHz, and not 200 as it did before my first DIMM died (200MHz FSB.)



I recontacted tsxpress and told them of this incompatibility after trying every configuration of memory I could make and couldn't get it to run at normal speed at through either SPD or manual settings (3-3-3-8, 2.7v, DDR400 ratio.) tsxpress sent me another pair of sticks, also mismatched, this time a VS512MB400 with chips on only one side, and a VS512MB400C3 with chips on both sides.


I tried every configuration:


400 (chips both sides) + 400C3 (chips both sides) = 512MB recognition


400C3 (chips both sides) + 400C3 (chips one side) = 512MB recognition


400 (chips one side) + 400C3 (chips one side) = 1024MB recognition, but only runs at 157MHz through SPD or manual settings.




I really don't want to have to get another RMA and go through this a third time, so if anyone knows how to make these work together, I'd greatly appreciate it.


AMD 64 3500 (2.2GHz)

ASUS A8V Deluxe

Antec Trio 650W

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Corsair staff will be here Monday. They work Mon - Fri and business hours. Otherwise it is just members such as myself who try and help and I think you need to speak with RamGuy on this issue.


He will be here tomorrow :)


Oops forgot :\

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