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Intel DG965WH & Corsair CM2X512A-6400


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Hello everyone, i'm from India, & i've bought this Intel DG956WH Motherboard & 1GB Corsair RAM (DDR2 Twin2X1024A-6400 800MHz / CM2X512A-6400) from USA.(thru a frnd)


but after some re-searching in Intel's site, i came to know that 965WH mobo supports upto 1.8Volts, & this 512x2 Sticks are @ 1.9Volts.


So can you guys please help me in resolving this issue.


i found this...

Also, some places I've seen list the Corsair TWINX sticks that you've chosen run at 1.9v instead of the 1.8v that the motherboard says it needs. From what I understand, this is okay, but from what I've heard you might need to buy another (cheap) stick of, say, 128 or 256MB ram that can run at 1.8v in order to start up the computer. Once it starts booting, you'll have to go into the BIOS and change the RAM voltages so that the 1.9v sticks will work on your motherboard, shut it down again and then you can put these sticks in.



please guys, i'm a noob when it comes to BIOS & tweaking stuffs. please provide me HELP with step by step procedure.


i cannot return this RAM sticks, coz it'll take another 2-3months.


if you guys need any further info on this(RAM model...), please tell me

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Thanks for the response and the recommendation. I read a lot of other posts now and there seems to be issues with the Asus board also. I like asus over gigabyte. I have a little time before completing my build so I will now research further.


Expense wise I would be better returning or exchanging these modules especially since they would be unopened ( not received yet ). I was planning on calling TD and ask for exchange but from what I read the highest quality memory that would work in my DG965wh is the VS memory. Thoughts?




Note that in this motherboard there is no setting for voltage.




As you can see, the memory voltage option is hidden, and cannot be unhidden. By default it is set to automatic, but that means 1.8v and higher end DRAM that needs higher volts will not work with this board.





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Thanks Derek.


man i was afraid of this:[pouts: .


now i've spent more on RAM (US $174) than on mobo (US $134), i totally confused on what to do.


shall i sell this mobo & get the one which can be tweaked???


No, I would advise selling the RAM and buying some good Value Select DRAM. I would not go towards spending more money than you have to with the system you have now. Keep in mind that this board is a fast and stable board. You just have DRAM limitations but all in all, it is a good setup. If you buy a better board, then you might as well buy a better processor to keep up with that fast dram, etc... ad infiinitum, ad nauseum..


Not worth it imo. :)

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the problem is that i cant get a powerful RAM as Corsair (my model) in India, & even if i find one, its price will be astronomical.


but i'll keep your advice & go for other RAM modules.


can you tell me, which model (in Corsair) is supported by DG965WH mobo.

(i searched Intel website & found other brands only, no Corsair :()

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hi guys, 2day only i cud try my new mobo & RAM, guess what i could boot into BIOS :D


this is "Advanced Setting" page in BIOS.




i was able to change the freq. (533,667,800)

pls guys explain the other things in that screen


1st time i missed the BIOS(forgot to pres F1), it showed this error. is it normal as i did not connect anything, except Procy, RAM?



The Firmware has detected that a CMOS Checksum Error has Occured

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