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ASUS P5B + Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400 NO POST


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Ok this is rediculous! According to the Corsair online configurator the 2x1GB XMS2 DDR2 800 modules SHOULD WORK. But they don't I'll most likely be returning them to you Corsair for replacements. Pertinent system components:


Core 2 DUO 6400


SYSTEM FACTS: Upon build completion, computer booted without video. So I reseated (removed + reinstalled) the video card and ram. Seemed to work ... I then updated BIOS, installed Win XP SP2 and let system idle for about 4 hours. Next day .. NO VIDEO, NO POST. KEYBOARD lights come on, fans (power, CPU, case ON) no system beep. So I tried a cheep DDR2 533 512MB module -- WORKED. Put In a 667 512MB module -- WORKED. Temporarily I'm using 1x512MB KBYTE 667 module. I really want to use these awesome Corsair XMS2 modules but they have to work to be able to use them.


Other FACTS: I know for certain one module is dead. I tested both in a ASUS M2N-E AMD AM2 system. I tested for recognition one at a time. One module is recognized as 1024MB and the other is not. With the other one (DEAD ONE), the Fans(case, power, cpu) turn on, keyboard flashes on, but no beeps and no POST. So one module is definately dead. I DIDN'T perform extensive tests (memtest) on the other working one.

But It looks like I'll just send them back to you (Corsair) and let you figure it out.


My big question is when I get my new TWIN2X2040-6400 from Corsair, will they work without problems as they should on my P5B. I'd love to use them. PS, I also tried on the P5B setting the memory settings manually (eX: DDR2 800, 1.9 volts, etc ...) should i try 2.1 volts when i get the new memory?

Please work with ASUS to resolve this. This computer isn't for me ... if it was I would have built another M2N-E system. Thank You,


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thanks for advice

But since i Know one module is dead as i tested it an AM2 system which had 1 module working and one didn't work, I'm gonna RMA both modules as I read I should RMA the TWIN2X in pairs.

Once I get the new chip (hopefully not a long wait), with my cheap temp ddr2 667 I'll set everything manually as I found the xms Qualification and testing for a similar ASUS 975 chipset board and the TWIN2X2048-6400 memory and how to set timings manually. Most of it looked similar and i figure I should be able to fill in the gaps.

if i set the timings manually with the 667 mem and save and exit system will reboot and i guess ill have to time it right so that i just power off the system without rebooting.

and of course trying one module at a time.

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RAM GUY (or other EXPERT):

(my guess is no but just want to make sure)

CAN I do any damage to the Corsair XMS2 modules during the time of install in which I may have to mess with BIOS settings and change things like ram voltage and timings. Can I hurt the memory with the wrong settings? Or most likely if the settings I try don't work the computer will just not boot and no harm to the RAM



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