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Bad 1024MB 8500C5 (1066mhz)


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I bought a twin pack of XMS2 8500 1066mhz memory from Fry's about 2 months ago. They worked fine along with my 512x2 8000UL (1000mhz) XMS2 Corsair sticks in dual channel configuration. Two weeks ago I had severe crashing problems and eventually the computer refused to properly boot up. It would only sit at the motherboard splash screen and will not make it into the bios. I checked the motherboard error code chart to see where she was locking up at. It said bank 3 memory slot. So I reconfigured the ram to juggle them around. After doing so, the code changed to a bank 4 memory error. So I went ahead and pulled #4 out. The computer works perfectly fine with the one stick of 8500 pulled out. So I go back in to do an individualized test for the modules. I take them all out and insert only one module into bank 1 each time. This was to test each one to see if they work. All the other three modules work (512x2 8000UL, 1024x1 8500C5), but the one that I originally pulled for causing the system hang did not boot the computer at all. In fact, it would cause the identical hang by itself in bank 1 (abit splash screen). This leads me to believe this is a bad module. Is there anything else I should do before requesting an RMA?
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