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p5b + corsair xms2 - wont boot


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I have just built the following system:


intel e6300

asus p5b

512MB corsair xms2

7800 gt

fsp blue storm 500w

audigy 2 zs


I have been unable to boot the system, all that happens is that the power comes on, turning on the fans, but the monitr will not start.

I have tried alot of things like:


booting out of case

trying monitor with another pc

moving ram to different slots

checking everything is plugged in, and all is securely in place

disconnecting all but essential components.


The reason I am posting here is that I read somewhere that there maybe some possible compatability issues, and I washopng you may know of someway for me to at leqst get into my bios.


I dont have any money left to buy new parts and I can send back anything until I can confirm something is wrong.

Is there any chancethis is a compatability issue? or is there a more obvious solution.


Any help will be apprectiated as this isdriving me crazy atm:(


Thank youin advance



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If the RAM voltage isn't right then you can find this issue. High end DRAM such as 800MHz PC6400 usually does better with a higher voltage.


Your ram requires 2.1V while the JEDEC spec is 1.8V. You may need to borrow a stick from a friend and boot with that and then increase the DIMM voltage to 1.9V. Have you tried booting with a single stick of ram? Afterwards, you should update the BIOS as soon as possible.





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I only have 1 stick of ram atm, but i have tried it in every slot. Out of interest do you believe this problem could be caused by a faulty graphics card?


My last system had a similar problem and i was told that it was the motherboard, and also possibly the cpu. I decided i may as well upgrade and i bought a new mobo, cpu, memory and when i tried it, it still didnt work so i got a new psu and it one of the problems stopped (I was unable to even turn the power off when it was turned on before) but it still wouldnt boot.


I cant work out if this is the same problem as before or a new one. The only components that have stayed the same are the grahics card, harddives and case. Im praying it isnt the graphics card as I dont have the money to buy a new one now. It makesmeish I had just aken it to a pc repairshop, i might have gotten ripped off but at least I would have a working pc :)


I dont knowayonround here with any sare parts,but im off to see my brother next week so ill use his stuff. Hpefully its ust theam as its alot cheaper than a new graphics card.


Thanks for your help mate

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Im going to take it into a repair shop tomorrow as they said they would let me use their spare parts to figure out whats wrong. Fingers crossed its not the 7800 GT


Thanks for your help, ill post again when I figure out what it is thats stopping me from playing games :)

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