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Hello, im going to be upgrading system soon and im not sure about RAM compatability with my motherboard (Asrock 939A8X-M) cant find any info on the Asrock site, nor on the Corsair compatbility list, as my motherboard isnt on it. What info i have been able to gether so far from the Asrock site is that it supports...


- Dual Channel DDR400 memory

- DIMM slots: 4

- Max. capacity: 4GB


Not much but its all i can find :sigh!: The memory im looking to buy is

Corsair Twin X XMS3200C2PRO 2GB

DDR400 / CAS : 2-3-3-6

2 x 1024MB / LED Indicators


If anyone can confirm this is compatable, or point me in the direction of some high end memory which is compatable i would be most grateful.


Thank you :):

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Hello, thank you for your reply, does this mean the Corsair Twin X XMS3200C2PRO 2GB would be unsuitable for my board? i've looked up the memory you suggested but it seems to be lower end. I really need this memory to work well as it will be using for gaming, if the Corsair Twin X XMS3200C2PRO 2GB is unsuitable could you please tell me which high end memory would be okay, thank you.
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You need to check if that MB has the option to set the memory Voltage to 2.9 volts max; if so then any of our Currant XMS modules will run in that MB, but from what I have seen from this MB maker they may not offer the memory Voltage setting, or if they do it may not function properly.
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