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2gb 60x SD card slooow?


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Just bought a Corsair 2GB 60x card to go with my new Canon S2 IS. The main reason I got such a huge card for a 5mp camera was for taking videos, which the S2 will do at 640x480 at 30fps, up to 1GB a movie.


Problem is, the camera records about 19 seconds, then says the buffer is full and then takes a few more seconds to finish writing to the card. Canon says their 640x480x30 mode takes about 1980kb/s which would be about 13.2x SD speed. I should think the 60x card shouldn't choke at this rate! (the 640x480x15 claims 990kb/s and the card keeps up fine with that)


I timed copying a 200mb file OFF the card at around 46x, but that was nowhere near precise. I don't think my card reader is USB 2.0, but the camera's transfer rate is.


I ran a non-high-speed 512 MB card in the camera a week ago and it had no problems keeping up with the 640x480x30 bitrate. Why is this 2GB card choking so much?

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