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Need RMA for Dominator PC8500

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I recently received a 2 Gb set of Dominator PC8500 through an upgrade associated with an xtreamesystems forum topic related to the Dominator PC6400 memory. One of the modules fails to be reconized by my EVGA 680i. I get a reported C1 error which relates to unreconized memory. If that module is placed in the second blue or black slot the system will boot but will be unstable. I have used memtest86+ to verify the module is indeed non-functional. All reported failures are in the 1025-2048 range. Memory settings where failure is noted are as follows:


Vdimm = 2.2V

Timings = 5-5-5-15

Mem Speed = 800 Mhz


All other settings are set at default including processor speed(E6600) and all other mb voltages. Increasing various mb voltages makes no difference. Please help me get this sorted out. Thanks for your support.

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