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Oh Oh, warranty replacement needs replacement!!

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Hi RAM Guy,


Well, I had hoped not to have to bother you again, but my two new sticks of RAM you awesome people just replaced for me are stuffed!


VS1GBKIT400C3 - Dual Channel 2GB set


Call me the bad luck kid... :o:


The story goes...


While the RAM was gone for replacement I decided to do a few other upgrades to my system when a friend upgraded and I now have his Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Mobo and I purchased a new ThermalTake 700w Modular PSU, the other goodies are all the same...


I was running it fine on my old RAM (2x 256MB sticks) to keep me going and then recieved my warranty replacement sticks from you...


This is where the fun starts... :[pouts:


I placed them into the Dual channel slots and it started and ran fine - for approx 6-7 hours, whereupon I started getting error messages while playing games and after a reboot my whole PC crashed, of course I figured the RAM had something to do with it...


I tried 1 stick of RAM in all 4 Mainboard slots and got NV RAM R/W errors, or a fail to post at all (video included). :confused:

I then tried the other stick and it is working great in ALL slots... more:confused:


I have since tried the old 256 sticks in Dual channel mode and they are working OK and am now running the system on a single stick of 1GB RAM.

I also have had the PSU tested during this time down as I was worried at first that the new PSU may have had something to do with it - but it has tested fine and I have pinned this to another Gig of RAM DnOA (Dead nearly On Arrival)


My old RMA details were


VS1GBKIT400C3 - Dual Channel 2GB set

RMA Number - R207298

Case # - 19778


Please advise me what to do next RAM Guy...


Thank you,


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Hi RamGuy,


Just wondering if you could get an update on the status of my RMA status...

This is a follow up on http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56465&highlight=warranty+replacement


RMA number - RMA Number: R218460


Not sure whether to place tracking number in public, so can send PM with it if you wish to follow that up...


This may still be at US customs from what the Australia Post service stated, but they could not tell for sure...


Please let me know if I need to follow this up further with the Corsair help desk.




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Sure thing Ram Guy!


Shipped via Australia Post on 19th January 07, arrived US customs 23rd January 07...

Can be tracked via US Post - tracking number is 997010CV045159021AU - International Insured article - Items - 2x sticks RAM in a small box wieghing .269kg

I have been able to track that far, but Australia post cannot tell me if it has made it any further than that to this point...


Thanks again Ram Guy

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