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Dell Optiplex GX280SFF and TWIN2X1024A-4300C and no POST


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Hi. I just bought this 512MB pair of Corsair TWIN2X1024A-4300C for my Optiplex GX280 sff. I put in both modules in every possible configuration including one stick at a time in either memory slot and all that I get is a repetitive beeping. My monitor won't even come on. But as soon as I put the old memory back in everything works fine. I tried to look up the Dell GX280 on the corsair memory compatibility site but they don't have the small form factor GX280 listed. They have the tower listed which has 4 DIMM slots. On the Dell support site there is mention that the 2 slots on the SFF are interleaved - does that make a difference? Or, is it just my luck to have gotten dead sticks? Returning these sticks is not a problem, however if these didn't work, would the suggested memory from the corsair memory configurator work, considering it is for the Tower GX280 which has a slightly different configuration? Thanks in advance to anyone who can be of help.:):
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